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Raising a stink over bathrooms. Looking at you NC.

21 Apr

When backward jokes start to ring a little true about the South, I get a bit upset. Granted, I’m a northern┬átransplant, but I like it down here in the South. But Southern politicians seem to be grasping at straws when it comes to the porcelain problem. Maybe the Republicans know they can’t win this next election, so they got to find something, anything, to claim as their belief and hang their hat on it.

I really got to ask, why bathrooms in particular? I hear the defense that it’s to “protect women and children from getting molested/raped.” Bulls–t. If someone wanted to be a pervert, a law’s not going to stop them. I’m assuming it hasn’t stopped them in the past; I don’t see why a newly created law would stop them in future. Also, could someone please, please give me a credible source to when a transgendered individual sexually assaulted someone in a bathroom. Maybe it has happened, but I’d be more worried about my kids hanging out with college football coaches, wrestling coaches, priests and restaurant chain spokesmen.


You know what the crazy things about those three guys (Sandusky, Fogle, Snider)? They all had wives. They were “normal” on the surface.

Another question I have: would forcing trans people to use the bathroom that matches their birth gender solve anything? I doubt it. If anything, I think it’d be more awkward. Say a female-to-male transgender wants to use the restroom. He’d go into the female bathroom because he was born a woman. Don’t you think the women in the restroom would be a little shocked that, from what they perceive to be, a man is in the women’s bathroom? How is this a good idea?

I’m personally sitting in the camp of gender neutral bathrooms or hell, even just dumping the notion of this trans specific bill and going back to just simply using the restroom as you damn well need.

Two things to keep in mind: 1. My bathroom at home doesn’t care if you’re a guy/girl/dog/cat/giraffe/Zeus. Use it as you need. 2. Women have used the guys restroom when needed (long lines, closed for cleaning, etc.).

So why is this a trans specific issue?



Republicans, you’re not getting my swing vote.

12 Apr

*sigh* I haven’t written on this platform for a while and I was kinda glad to have a little bit of space. The 2016 political session has been an absolute mess. And just so there’s no doubt on which side of the aisle I’m on, I lean democrat. Understand I’m not a hard democrat; I’m willing to listen to reason. But my word, Republicans are making it difficult this year.

Let’s start with the presidential race first. I’m still scratching my head over the initial fielding of so many candidates. I don’t know who the political advisers were, but a lot of the candidates that have dropped out should’ve known better in the first place than to run.

And then there’s Trump. Trump. Seriously… WTF? Okay, I’m not against his right to run, I just can’t comprehend how he’s leading. Can someone please give me some legitimate reason why you’re voting for him? I’ll tell you the points I’ve heard and counterpoint them. But seriously, if you have a good reason, like I said, I’m willing to hear it.

Reasons People are Voting for Trump

  1. “He’s different. He’s not a politician.”
    1. This is weird reasoning to me. It’s like saying, “Oh, my house is on fire, but I don’t want a fireman. Let’s go with a mechanic.” Yes, he’s different, he’s novel. But that’s doesn’t mean that he’s qualified.
  2. “He’s been a successful businessman. If he can lead a company, he can lead our nation.”
    1. Trump water, Trump stakes, Trump Vodka, Trump the Game, Trump airlines, a few bankruptcies, just to name a few. You know what Trump is good at? Selling his name. He’s a brand, not a man.
  3. “He speaks his mind.”
    1. I find it a little strange that Trump’s supporters like it when speaks his mind, but when they are called names they lash out. The opposition is just speaking their mind. Why don’t you like them?

I’m sure we’ll add more. But seriously. Please, please, please convince me that Trump is going to be a good president.

Trump is bombastic, insulting, whiny, arrogant, narcissistic, and often plan rude. I find it troubling that a lot of people believe that he would be an excellent world leader when almost everything he says is inflammatory. The guy has no filter and I could easily see one of the other nuclear powers deciding to flip the switch on us.