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Blazing Blazek

28 Feb

Kelly Blazek. Yeah, I’m naming dropping, but really she is the topic of this post. She’s the International Association of Business Communicators┬áCommunicator of the year for 2013, building a viable contact list of more than 800 people. But the pinnacle of civility, not so much. Adweek story link

I think the biggest issue stems from how she engaged with strangers and potentials. Yeah, it’s great that she’s accumulated and cultivated a rather impress list of contacts, but even they started out as strangers. To be so dismissive of someone try to getting out there, not sitting on their ass, seems to be rather heartless. I’m sure getting hounded tirelessly isn’t easy, but the effort and energy that she took to retort to those inquiries could have been put to better use. Or at least it would have been more civil to have simply snubbed them by ignoring their requests.

I think the Internet would have been slightly more forgiving if this had just been one instance, but I believe Ms. Blazek became vilified because of her previous retorts. It’s not an off-hand chance, it’s a pattern. Or, to be fair, a few uncharacteristic slips; I don’t know. But the simple point is that one must always try to be civil and professional, especially when you are so well connected.

WIP edit: Doing a little of reading just to make sure I’m fresh on the details, looks like there is another job bank. Looks like the door has been opened wide for the competition after her snarky remark that there wasn’t another job bank in the area. @theOtherNEOJobBank

This leaves me to wonder how this will affect her contact list.