When Xbox says, “We don’t need gamers.”

24 May

As a continuation of the last post, I’ve been reading over the defense positions taken by Destructoid in regards to the Xbox One. I see their points, holding on the hope that Xbox can still wow and amaze, but there are a few fundamental flaws.

In the article, “The Xbox One reveal wasn’t nearly as bad as you think”, Dtoid thinks that Microsoft hasn’t made some major screw up, when really they did. While Microsoft may have stated that they weren’t going to show any game right off, that in itself is an insult to the primary audience. Or are we not the primary audience anymore? Is the Xbox One just a gloried DVR for Mom and Pop? And if that’s the case, why attach the Xbox name? Xbox can only it’s position in the electronics pantheon because gamers put it there. Microsoft had the event showcase backward from the start. And while they may not “need to vie for (our) attention”, they do need to vie for our money.

I highly doubt that Microsoft appealed to as many people as possible. This is just a black, tweaked Google TV, hearkening back to all those promises Google never fulfilled.

I also contend that Microsoft hasn’t gotten all the bad press out of the way. It’s still ongoing. There are only none answers from Microsoft, which only increases the doubt and shakes our confidence. It makes them look incompetent and unprofessional.

While Microsoft may have nowhere to go but up in the publicity, their lack of presentation presence and passion in the initial event doesn’t bode well for E3. And no amount of retailer controlled trade-in and required internet connection news, even if it isn’t always on,  is ever good.

There is still a firestorm coming.


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