And so ends Saturday mail delivery

6 Feb

I saw it coming. Anybody that follows the news and sees trends saw it coming. W are coming to the end of the mail service as we know it. The United States Postal Service killing its Saturday service. After loosing millions and millions of dollars over the past couple of years, they are finally doing something that might actually work. Raising the price of stamps was not going to a sustainable solution and I’m not even sure if anyone thought it was a solution. Email is not going to go away.

The end of Saturday service is a start, I agree, but I don’t think it’s going to change anything. Some people have recommend going to a Monday-Wednesday-Friday rotation. I think that this may be the viable solution that should lead eventually to the dissolution of the USPS. Crazy? Probably. But I don’t see how this branch of the government can be profitable ever again.

One concept that I was playing around with was the centralization of post offices. Instead of driving out to people’s boxes, have them get a po box and come to the office. They don’t have to go ever single day, maybe once a week. I understand that maybe not everybody can travel out and pickup their mail, so maybe they can have someone designated to pickup their mail. This would eliminate the need for a fleet of delivery vehicles and postal carriers. All you would need is people to sort the mail and man the office.

Taking it one step further, why not just do away with USPS all together and go to the private sector. UPS, FEDEX and DHL already delivery various envelops and packages, how would this be any different?

EDIT: Nevermind, too big to fail.


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