And the build ends in disappointment

1 Feb

Last time, on my blog, I stated that I was building a computer from the ground up and really looking forward to it. Hate to say it, but in the end, I chickened out. I really didn’t have a good place to work on the build that was either close to water or was all over unfriendly carpet. I caved and took it to Best Buy and had them assemble it. Yeah, I’m a little ashamed of myself, but I am happy with the results. I’m going to try and redeem myself with another, cheaper build in the near future. Maybe some raspberry pi xbmc or Arduino project.

In regards to gaming, I want to recant what I said while working at Best Buy. I said, “Looking at the computer games section versus console games section, it looks like computer gaming is dying.” Man, I was wrong. Steam is where it’s at. Granted, not all games are on Steam, but they can be integrated with it. And with all the sales through Steam, Amazon and Green Man Gaming, PC gaming is definitely alive and well.

While I have fallen back in love with computer gaming, I do notice a couple of flaws with my new preferred platform. First off, games crash; more than they do on a console or read “more than I would like”. Second, I paid ten times the cost of a current generation console. Conversely though, if you don’t like something with a game, there are most likely some really amazing mods out there. The indie scene is flourishing and it’s great fun to hope onto different betas. Oh, and I really don’t miss having to switch disks. I just need to justify my rig. Maybe some design work or programming?


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